Organic Dog Dinner – Koko’s Favorite Dish 400g


Delicious menu with poultry, pasta and carrots!


Organic Dog Dinner Koko's Favorite Dish
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Organic Dog Dinner – Koko’s Favorite Dish 400g

High quality food for the quadruped!

Koko´s Favorite Dish is a menue with Poultry, Pasta and Carrots.

There are currently a variety of feed and the selection is great. But there is, unfortunately, few real organic products for pets, where you can understand “what exactly is in it and where exactly it comes from.”

So it was natural that we, whose name is synonymous with quality and high value goods, take a product that meets our high standards of quality and fits 100% of our philosophy. The result is Organic Dog Dinner!

A special feature is, that our Organic Dog Dinner menu is a complete feeding, that fulfills the daily use of dogs. All ingredients are organic.
The high-quality raw materials and ingredients derived from selected German farms. And the product itself is “Handmade in Germany”.

All products are inspected and certified from an officially control position for BIO-products – DE-ÖKO-039.
In addition, we lead the German organic food label, which documented the 100% organic food.

In addition, all products are carefully prepared without chemical additives for nutrients and ingredients.
Furthermore, every product is made for a balanced formula that is based on current scientific knowledge and dietary guidelines.
Organic Dog Dinner contains all the essential nutrients that a pet needs daily.

At last you know, what is contained in the feed and you can feed without having a guilty conscience.

Organic Dog Dinner doesn´t contain: Artificial antioxidants, colour-materials, nitride curing salt, by-products, preservatives, attractants, flavour materials, genetically modified and fillers.

Ingredients of Koko´s Favorite Dish: Organic-Carrots (30%), Organic-Poultry Muscle Meat (15%), Organic-Wheat Pasta (13%), Organic Poultry Liver, Organic-Wheat Wholemeal, Minerals, Organic – Premium Sun Flower Oil

Analysis: Crude Protein 6%, Crude Fat 4%, Crude Fibre 0,5%, Crude Ash 2,5%, Humidity 74%, Ca 0,31%, P 0,19%

Available as tin with 400 g.
Best before = Batch no.

The bowl on the picture is not included. You can find it HERE.