KvK – Individual Bowl

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KvK - Individual Bowl
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KvK – Individual Bowl!

From a chic bowl with individual text decor your four-legged friends will certainly like to dine!
Should it be the name or date of birth of your four-legged friend?
Choose the word on the bowl, you have a maximum of 10 letters or numbers and the choice of font color and font.
Just enter your choice in the comment field during the ordering process and soon your four-legged friend will have his favorite bowl.
You also have the choice to decorate your wish word left and right with the Koko von Knebel coat of arms.

Size S: about 60 mm in height and 150 mm in diameter
Font height: 19 mm
Coat of arms height: 22 mm
Coat of arms width: 15 mm

Size M: about 8 cm in height and 18 cm in diameter
Font height: 26 mm
Coat of arms height: 30 mm
Coat of arms width: 24 mm

Material: ceramic

Please clean this bowl only by hand.

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The “Leberwurst” biscuits are not included in the delivery.

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M, S

Font Color

Font 1, Font 2, Font 3


No Selection, with coat of arms