Haute Couture Bleu – Collectors Bowl #4

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Haute Couture Bleu – Collectors Bowl #4
Haute Couture Bleu – Collectors Bowl #4Haute Couture Bleu – Collectors Bowl #4


Collectors Bowl #4 – Haute Couture Bleu!

The Collectors Bowl of Koko von Knebel is the world-wide only collecting food bowl from porcelain for quadrupeds.

A Collectors Bowl is more than only a simple cup. It is a small art object, which is decorated with genuine platinum, respectivily genuine gold and was sketched with much love for the detail.

The here presented model Belle Epoque Rouge is outside affected from an opulent gold motive.

The Bowl is manufactured in limited editions in one of the oldest European porcelain factories, established 1794.

It is used excluding so-called doubly sharply burned and safetyenamelled porcelain, which consists of kaolin, quartz and feldspar. The raw materials originate to 100% from European resources production and are subject, exactly like the complete manufacturing of the final product, to the following standards: DIN 51 032:1986, ISO 6486-2: 1999m, BS 6748:1986, GOST 28390-89.

The Bowl can be used variously. On the one hand naturally for the four-legged favourite as elegant food bowl. On the other hand in addition, to the decoration file in the bathroom, for sweets, as fruit bowl, for keys and hotchpotch in the corridor and much more besides.

In the comparison with the commercial ceramic cups the porcelain used for the Collectors Bowl offers the following advantages:
– high permanent material hygiene
– all-highest heatproof quality
– highest impact resistance
– Dishwasher suitability
– brilliant gloss, also after use of many years

For the easier raising of the Bowl a grip recess is present at the side. No matter whether you are left or right violaters, the Bowl can be put with the grip recess on the left or right, the decoration is circulating, and there is no unpleasant back.

At present 14 different variants are available in the following sizes, the ground mark has the respective Collectors Bowl number

Small Size approx.: 15 cm diameter, 350 ml
Large Size approx.: 22 cm diameter, 800 ml

A complete overview of all currently available variants of the Collectors Bowl can be found HERE.

“Collectors Bowl” is a protected, registered mark of Koko von Knebel.

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