Cult Couture Scarf – Leopard Design

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Cult Couture Scarf – Leopard Design!

The matching mouth-nose mask in Leo design can be found HERE.

Our scarfs have lots of fans since years and we are happy about that!!!

For the cool look you simply make a knot. For a change you can turn the scraf around and use the other side.

Sizes ca.: Length on the top / length in the middle till the charm

XS: 40 cm / 10 cm
(for very small dogs with a circumfence up to 30 cm)

S: 50 cm / 15 cm
(for small dogs with a circumfence up to 40 cm)

M: 65 cm / 25 cm
(for mid-size dogs with a circumfence uo to 55 cm)

L: 85 cm / 30 cm
(for large dogs with a circumfence up to 65 cm)

XL: 95 cm / 35 cm
(for very large dogs with a circumfence up to 75 cm)

Please note that the sizes can vary. Each scarf has a charm, motives vary same for the fabric used on the backside.

Each scarf is handmade, a special accessoire which will light up your day.

More Cult Couture Scarfs and Muffler can be found in our online shop HERE.

100% Handmade – 100% Exklusive – 100% Koko von Knebel


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l, M, S, XL, XS


Beige with white stars, Black with White Stars, Camo, Color Mix, Emojis, Leopard Beige Brown, Leopard Lime Green, Light blue with white stars, Skull