Cult Couture Muffler – Cartoon

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Muffler with funny cartoon icons!


Cult Couture Muffler - Cartoon
Cult Couture Muffler - CartoonCult Couture Muffler - Cartoon


Cult Couture Muffler – Cartoon

The Original KvK Cult Couture Muffler!

In addition to our Cult Couture Scrafs we developed this Muffler as a sporty alternative.

We use cotton materials with a small percentage of stretch, so you pull the muffler over your dogs head, as simple as that.

Sizes (Circumfence) ca.:
XS: 28 cm (very small dogs, like Yorkies)
S: 32 cm (small dogs, like Jack R.)
M: 40 cm (mid-size dogs, like Dalmations)
L: 48 cm (larger dogs, like Golden Retrievers)
XL: 56 cm (very large dogs)
XXL: 64 cm (very, very large dogs)

Please note that the sizes can vary due to the stretch material, the height depends on the size.

On each item you find a charm, motives of the charms vary.

Each Muffler is handmade in Germany, a special accessoire which will light up your day.

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l, M, S, XL, XS, XXL