Biscuit Variation Deluxe – Dog Treats


Selected mix for more variety!


Biscuit Variation Deluxe - Dog Treats
Biscuit Variation Deluxe - Dog TreatsBiscuit Variation Deluxe - Dog Treats


Biscuit Variation Deluxe – Dog Treats!

The special mix for your darling!

With this selection, your darling gets a colorful plate and not just for Christmas!

Sometimes the decision is really hard, because all of our handmade biscuits are a real treat. Simply order a colorful mix of our lovingly handcrafted biscuits.

The deluxe selection consists of:
100g liver sausage biscuits (Leberwurstkekse), ingredients: liver sausage and short pastry
100g salmon biscuits (Lachskekse), ingredients: salmon flour and short pastry
100g cheese coins (Käsetaler), ingredients: real gouda cheese and short pastry

Please understand that for reasons of hygiene and health a return of food is not possible.
Information on shelf life can be found on the label of the product.

The bowl in the photo is not included in the delivery, you can find it in our online shop HERE.