Every dog is a star …

philo_ani…that´s why your true friend deserves some luxury.

The products from the exclusive variety of goods by Koko von Knebel do not only combine an individual and attractive look, a special manufacture of high-quality material, but they also persuade by well thought out design and functionality.

All products are developed by those who have profound knowledge of dogs and who are anxious to fulfill special demands.

For example, blanks are fixed in a special way on the collar that there is a minimal risk of hurting for your little darling. Futhermore there are punnets with mattresses which avoid getting allergic and much more.

Koko von Knebel, nobelss oblige…shopsylt1
In addition to the marvelous products of all reputable German producers, we exclusively import the latest trends of the favored brands from the USA, London, Milan and Tokyo.

sylt_store_kokovonknebelVisit our store and let youself be fascinated by a world full of luxury for your little darling.

Koko von Knebel spoils senses of men and dogs which flatter eyes and sense of touch.hamburg_store_kokovonknebel

We know how to spoil the sense of taste with the hand-made liver cookies from the confectionery Weber/Hamburg which enthusiasts already know.

berlin_store_kokovonknebelOf course we also have products for the spoiled nose in our variety of goods, for example our Black Label skin cair products and our Paw Parfume for our demanding dogs.
Because we know about the needs of dogs and their owners, we have all kind of practical products for your home and for travelling, as there are travels sets with bowls, blankets and goodies or first-aid kits and Bach flowers.shopkiel1