Latex pig with original animal voice

Latex pig with original animal voice

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Best Seller!

This pig is one of our Toy bestsellers!

Made of soft latex, it is resistant and offers long playing fun.

The animal voice animates the quadruped to play - without annoying squeaking!

Especially owners of young animals should preferably use latex toys, because young quadrupeds still have very sharp teeth and tend to not only bite around on a toy but to bite it completely. Parts of it could be swallowed.

However, since latex does not harden in the stomach and intestinal tract and is normally excreted without problems, swallowing a small piece of this material is usually harmless. Nevertheless, even latex toys should only be left under supervision. In addition, we urgently advise to replace or exchange damaged latex toys immediately.

Depending on the availability of the color, we will send this item in GRAY or PINK.

S ca. 17 cm
M ca. 23 cm
L ca. 32 cm

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Udo Walz †
Star hairdresser

The materials of the products have convinced my two dogs and me very much.

Ina Aogo

I love Koko von Knebel's articles and the options for custom-made products.


My individual collar fits perfectly and is my new favourite product.

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