Designer Mouth & Nose Mask - with silver swallows

Designer Mouth & Nose Mask - with silver swallows
Designer Mouth & Nose Mask - with silver swallows
Designer Mouth & Nose Mask - with silver swallows
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Designer Mouth & Nose Mask - with silver swallows
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Designer Mouth & Nose Mask - with silver swallows
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Designer Mouth & Nose Mask - with silver swallows

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KvK - Designer Mouth & Nose Mask - with silver swallows

This trendy makeshift mouth-nose protector (BMNS) can reduce the risk of corona virus transmission by preventing the distribution of droplets that occur when you speak, cough or sneeze. Two masks per day should be planned for each user, which can be boiled in the evening and reused the next day.

Attention: Use at your own risk! The makeshift mouth-and-nose protector is neither tested nor certified and is only an aid.

Here are the product data in short form:
- 2 layered mask made of 100% cotton with flat elastic band that is put around the ears;
- light, airy fabric;
- the inside of the mask varies and is color matched;
- durable, because reusable & washable; -
as a small extra we add to each mask order a pair of white and black elastic bands and a plastic needle, with which the exchange of the bands is very easy.

With this model we have 2 sizes for the mask:
- Kid up to 5 years, fabric part approx. 6 x 13 cm;
- Uni size, for kids from 5 years and adults, fabric part approx. 9 x 20 cm;
- The elastic band length is approx. 40 cm.
Knot the rubber band to the desired length so that it sits comfortably behind the ear, cut off the excess and pull the knot into the tunnel of the mask, so the knot simply disappears.

If you order several masks and want to mix the sizes or colours, please choose "Mix" for size or colour and note in the note field how much you want per size or colour and give your telephone number for further inquiries!

Set A: 1 Mask
Set B: 2 Masks
Set C: 4 Masks (for 10% discount please indicate the coupon code: care package c in the shopping cart) *
* The discount codes are only applicable to the respective set sizes!

We manufacture every single mask in Kiel in our studio by hand, so every mask is unique. The dimensions can vary up to one centimetre.

Shipment will take place as soon as possible after production within 3-5 working days. Due to the current situation delays may occur.

Please note that this article is not returnable for hygienic reasons and that we do not accept any product liability.

For larger quantities, e.g. for use in companies, practices, etc., please send us an e-mail to

PS: We are looking forward to receiving mails with pictures of you with mask and quadruped! STAY HEALTHY! #maskup

100% Handmade - 100% Unique - 100% Exclusive = 100% Koko von Knebel

Non-binding information about washing:
Please always clean the masks carefully and make sure that they are virus-free the next time you use them.
It is currently communicated that corona viruses die at high temperatures. The easiest way to clean masks is to heat them.
Effective against corona viruses are washing in the machine or by hand and also disinfecting in the oven, which is particularly suitable for sensitive fabrics.
The viruses are also rendered harmless when ironing.

We personally clean the mask as follows: We boil water in a kettle, place the mask in a suitable container, add detergent and pour boiling water over
the mask. After 10 minutes, we remove the mask, wash it in clean water, pull it into shape and let it dry. Then we iron the mask to kill viruses and restore its fit. For masks with print or trimming, we also use the oven at about 80 degrees and leave the mask in the oven for at least 30 minutes.

Quality made in Germany

100% handcrafted

Incomparable craftsmanship in every seam. Every article is truly unique and there is a lot of heart, time and work in each of our products. This is exactly what makes the charm of Koko von Knebel.

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The materials of the products have convinced my two dogs and me very much.

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My individual collar fits perfectly and is my new favourite product.

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